Happy New Year’s Eve

Hey, y’all.


The blog is back up and running. They got it transferred on the 18th but it’s taken until now for them to get it fixed where I could access my admin section to actually blog.

Hope y’all had a fantastic Christmas and holiday season.  🙂

(all baked goods made with gfjules flour except for the kolaches which were real for the rest of the fam)

All the usuals. Peppermint cookies. Cherry white chocolate chip cookies.  Prune kolaches. Tamales, enchilada casserole, cheese rice and beans.

Do y’all’s Moms give y’all retro toys from you childhood for Christmas? Mama B does. I love love loved Holly Hobbie when I was little.  🙂


Now for the best news…y’all know I’ve been going thru so much hell the last 3 months with all the antibiotics but starting Tuesday…

KETO is back and I can’t wait.  🙂

You can’t even imagine how rough the last 3 months have been on me mentally and physically.  I hope that I will never have to go off of it again. 🙂

Hello, old friend. It’s been way too long. 😉

Ok that’s all for today.  Y’all stay warm and have a safe New Year’s Eve / Happy New Year’s Day (eat your black eyed peas) and I’ll see you soon. 🙂





GF SF Pizzookie + Ice Cream

Hey, y’all. 🙂

I’m feeling better. Last week was super rough. Initially I was supposed to only have 2 procedures but then ended up needing a 3rd one on Friday. The pain was unbearable at times but I seem to be turning a corner now.

If you’re following along on Instagram you already know this but if not…I ate super bland and comfort type food for the first few days and then Saturday tried cheese shell tacos.

Oh my gravy, y’all that was so good. Y’all know I make cheese chips all the time. I’ve been making those since the first time I tried Low Carb eating back in ’08. But I never tried turning them into taco shells.  So much wasted time. 🙂

Anyway, through everything I’ve stayed completely on plan and I’m kinda proud of that too. 🙂


So today was my half bday. 😉

Even Omaha Steaks ‘noticed’ and offered me some kinda 1/2 off birthday combo. 😉 I didn’t buy it but thanks, OS. 🙂

We’ve been doing the whole half bday thing for a couple years now. Last year I went out to my fav Mexican place but this year I didn’t feel like that at all.

I had to have a treat though and wanted it to be 100% on plan.


First I made a 1/4 of this elana’s pantry chocolate chip cookie recipe.

I used butter instead of shortening. Swerve (doubled amount) in place of coconut sugar, and chunks of this chocolate bar I make weekly. 🙂 Mixed. Shaped and into icebox overnight.


Then I made a half batch of 3 ingredient no churn ice cream

If you’re not familiar with that…the regular recipe is 1 can sweetened condensed milk, 2 cup heavy cream and vanilla.

Well sweetened condensed milk is not really keto friendly so I searched and found this recipe (scroll down to the bottom of the page for the recipe).

I made a half batch. Subbed Splenda for the Swerve because it crystalized like crazy.

AND I made it in the microwave instead of on the stove. I didn’t feel like messing with anything like that for hours. 🙂  In my microwave it took about 8 minutes to cook down by half. I kept checking every 2 minutes.

It reduced by half but didn’t really thicken until I added the xanthan gum but once I did (and it rested) it was perfect. Obviously not sticky sweet like regular condensed milk but the taste was great.

Sorry I don’t have pics of any of these stages but I’m just now feeling better and didn’t feel like messing with the camera while prepping all of this.

So then I used the Vitamix to whip the cream and vanilla. Then gently mixed in the condensed milk by hand.

Put it in the freezer overnight.

Then today had one of the best keto things I’ve made yet. 🙂

The cookie wasn’t quite that dark…that pan is an aqua / teal blue…something is off with the pics.

The ice cream did freeze solid and needed plenty of counter time to become scoopable but it got there. I want to do some research to see if I can add something else to it to keep if from freezing solid for next time. I’ve seen people add a tiny bit of vodka to their homemade ice cream before. Maybe that would help.

I don’t know but I’ll have to come up with something because I can’t imagine ever paying for another sugarfree ice cream. This is too easy to make and taste wise a million times better.

This week is early voting for local elections in Texas.  Maybe wherever you call home too, non-Texans.  Get out there and make a difference NOW, y’all.  Don’t sit around waiting for 2018 – 20.  Do something NOW and start at home in your own communities. 🙂

That’s all for today.

Y’all have a great week and I’ll see you soon. 🙂


Merry Christmas

Hey, y’all.  🙂

How was your Christmas Eve Eve?

Just kidding. I’m totally in the Christmas spirit. 🙂  Bottle not needed…but totally appreciated. 😉

Presents are (mostly) wrapped. 🙂

Not kidding about this one at all.  We had the air on 65 earlier today.

Since we last met…

More baking

Candied Cherry Christmas cookies.  I make these every year.  This year I used gfJules flour and this dough was unreal.  I seriously would have been happy with just a bowl of dough. 🙂

My Mema’s pots and pans out on the stove plus sugar-y butter-y prunes?

That’s right…it was Christmas Kolache making day. 🙂

That’s Papa B helping me roll the pigsHe was so proud and wanted me to take a pic. 🙂

Those were all real wheat.

I played around with some gluten – free dough for me but it didn’t turn out.

So I did this with it…

That’s right I said to myself, hey you don’t have nearly enough to do today why don’t you make some scratch puff pastry? 😉  LOOK at those layers.  That’s all gfJules flour.  No weird added ingredients just straight up flour, sugar, salt, milk, yeast and butter.  I rolled a few hot dog wieners to test it out. Plus I filled a couple little squares with the left over prunes.  I have some dough left over in the freezer that will hopefully soon become the crust for the chicken pot pie I’ve been craving.  I’ll let y’all know how it turns out.

I really can’t say enough good things about gfJules so far.  I’m liking it a lot. I don’t know what has changed with cup4cup or if it’s just something that changed with my taste but since having to go back to gluten – free for good something just tastes off with it. No matter what I’ve used it in…it’s made me gag.   I was torn between trying a few different gluten – free flours and so far I’m really glad I decided to give this one a try.

Made some more peppermint cookies.

Took Mama B to pick up the Tamales.  Test tamal in the car of course. 😉

Finished the night with my second fav Christmas movie…Love Actually.  🙂

Just a little reminder for dealing with difficult people this weekend. 🙂

Merry Christmas. 🙂  Y’all have the best day if you celebrate…or a great / safe weekend if you don’t and I’ll see ya next week. 🙂


Baking All The Time

Hey, y’all. 🙂

How’s the countdown to Christmas going in your part of the world?

Over here it’s been lots of…

First I did a blind flour taste test with the fam. Testing out gfJules and comparing it to my beloved cup4cup. I’m impressed. It’s made some good eats. 🙂


Became this…

2015-12-15 19.47.09

2015-12-15 20.37.57

Gluten – free Irish Soda Raisin Bread  (using my own recipe)

Then this…

Became Eggnog Cookies.

Didn’t get a finished pic. Sorry. They were baked then filled with eggnog icing and topped with red / green Christmas sprinkle shapes.

2015-12-15 20.24.22

Then this…

Martha’s Pate Brisse

Became this…

2015-12-19 15.28.32

Gluten – free Pecan Pies

Then this…

2015-12-15 20.58.20

2015-12-15 21.15.28

Became this…

2015-12-19 20.30.39

2015-12-19 21.20.43

Doesn’t that look like an alien face?  Or that gross salmon patty / cracker concoction our mom’s used to make with that grody canned salmon that had bits of bones and stuff that looked like eyes.

2015-12-15 22.09.57

2015-12-15 21.32.24

Mama B’s side of the fam, do y’all remember how Meme always had King Leo peppermint sticks long before you could get them everywhere?  Now they have the Peppermint bits for holiday baking. I was so happy when I saw them. 🙂

I wasn’t even planning on making peppermint cookies but had to add some to the to-do list as soon as I saw the peppermint bits.  It ended up being a good decision. These are the best new cookies I’ve made in ages.  And they were actually a mistake.  I accidentally used much less flour than I’d planned on using so they became these crispy almost lace type cookies.  They were such a hit I’ve already made another batch.  I know I said I wasn’t going to put a bunch of recipes here but I’m gonna put this one at the end of the post.  Y’all know the drill from the old blog…recipes after the music.


2015-12-19 22.50.19

That’s gluten – free y’all.  Look at the fold on that tortilla (it’s wrapped around my hand). I used gfJules flour and it made the best gluten – free tortilla I’ve ever had.  I used my own recipe.

2015-12-18 19.36.38 use

Gluten – free holiday cupcakes from Gigi’s. That peppermint mocha one (red – pink icing) was unbelievable. This was the first time I’d ever tried their gluten – free cupcakes.  Call me a fan.  🙂

Running around wearing leggings as pants. 😉  Aren’t those adorbsies?

  • So Ted Cruz doesn’t understand that the Princess Bride is about open hearts and love?  The fool who stood on the senate floor reading Green Eggs and Ham while trying to stop a vote on universal health care?  Y’all know…Green Eggs and Ham….the book with the message of not hating on something until you’ve ya know…actually given it a chance.  I doubt that horrible man has actually read his child a bedtime story…ever but in the unlikely event he has he’s either too dumb to understand the message in a pre school level children’s book or…oh never mind there’s really no other explanation for that.  So yeah…totally not surprised he doesn’t understand Princess Bride either.


  • Note to Kyler Murray (former potential future Texas A &M quarterback) The amount of bullsh.. people are willing to put up with is always always directly related to how good you are at your job or life or whatever.  Sure you were a pretty good high school football player. Guess what?  This state is FULL of dudes sitting around their garages telling stories about being pretty good high school football players.  No big deal.


  • Note to his dad Kevin Murray if the stories are true and you seriously told Aggie boosters they should treat you the same way longhorns treat Earl Campbell?  When I get thru dying laughing…it’s not hard to see where your petulant child got his overrated sense of entitlement.  Not hard at all.  Y’all don’t let the door hit ya.

All day…e’ry day, y’all.  🙂

That’s it for today from my little corner of the internet.

See y’all soon with more baking.  🙂

White Chocolate Pudding Peppermint Cookies


2 sticks room temp Butter

3/4 cup Brown Sugar

1/4 cup granulated Sugar

1 (3.4 oz) package Hershey’s White Chocolate Pudding

2 large Eggs

2 tsp Vanilla

320g Flour (about 2 1/4 cups loosely packed)

1 tsp Baking Soda

1/2 tsp Salt

1 bag White Chocolate Chips

1 cup Peppermint Bits  (or any crushed peppermint)



Ok first some notes…these are extremely temperamental. Don’t try these if you don’t have the patience or the time to baby them.

They are really thin and crispy.

They spread A LOT and you need to take them out of the oven while they’re still a little soft. Let them firm up about 3 – 5 minutes and then carefully get them off the pan and onto a cooling rack where they should finish firming up.  Mine stuck a little both times…using different well sprayed pans.

They are totally worth the effort though. 🙂

All I did was…

Put all the dry ingredients plus chips and peppermint bits in a bowl.

Made a well and added butter, eggs and vanilla.

Then mixed it all with my hands.

I used the smallest cookie scoop and left plenty of room between each cookie.

Using that small scoop half the recipe made about 35 cookies.

I baked them 8 – 10 minutes on 325* but my ovens run hot so I have to lower temps all the time.

Know your oven. 🙂

Again I want to reiterate that small scoop of dough spreads out to a regular cookie size when baked.


Also…I didn’t make these using a cup measure.  As always I weighed out the flour so I can’t say how it will turn out using cup measured flour. But if you keep it loose and don’t pack the flour it should be ok.

I made one batch using  cup4cup and another using gfJules.  Both worked great. I think I liked the Jules best though.

Another Keeper

Yesterday would have been my Meme’s 96th birthday.  I’ve written about her here and here.  As a way of keeping their memories alive I always make certain foods on my loved ones birthdays / aniversaries / etc.  Normally I’d do some chicken fried steak in her honor but I just don’t have the energy for that right now so I stuck with chocolate chip cookies.  And let me tell y’all…they were fabulous.  🙂

These weren’t just any old cookies.  They were malted milk chocolate chip cookies. Recipe at the end of post.

The tan-ish color stuff is the malted milk powder.  I’d never used it before.

Forget what I said on Monday about making the apple dumplings right away.  Make THESE right now. They were so delicious.  And I think made a perfect tribute to my Meme.  🙂

Along with my love of cookies, chicken fried and cooking in general she was also 100% responsible for my love of Elvis.   Happy Birthday, Meme.  You were the very best. 🙂


Malted Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies 

1 cup (2 Sticks) softened Butter

3/4 cups Brown Sugar

3/4 cups Sugar

2 Eggs

2 teaspoons Vanilla Extract

2 cups All-purpose Flour

1 1/4 teaspoon Baking Soda

1 1/4 teaspoon Salt

1/2 cup (scooped…don’t level off) Malted Milk Powder

1 bag Milk Chocolate Chips


Preheat oven to 325*.

Cream butter.

Add sugars and mix til fluffy.

Add eggs and vanilla and beat until combined.

Sift together flour, malted milk powder, baking soda, and salt.

Add to butter mixture til combined.

Add chocolate chips.

Bake for 8 to 12 minutes.  I used the convection oven and it barely took these 8 minutes so keep an eye on your first pan to gauge time.