It’s Been Way Too Long

So hey, y’all.  🙂

I can’t believe it’s been 6 months since I’ve even opened up this page.  I’ve been active on insta but just not here.

All that stuff with the ear and antibiotics and all that crap just really messed me up.  🙁

I’ve been back to lchf / keto since May 2nd.  It’s been…interesting.  A little different from the first time around.

I got almost all of the awesome keto benefits right away but I didn’t get the weightloss like I did when I originally started in 2016.  The first 2 days I lost 4 pounds and then a few days later gained it right back and then just stuck there.  It’s crazy because I came from eating basically nothing but sugar and carbs.  I should have had a huge woosh.  Something is clearly going on with my body.  I was keeping my carbs below 25…and most of the time much lower.  Something’s up.

I posted this pic on instagram May 14 and wrote about it there but it’s like almost all of the weight gain went right to my upper body.  I can’t stand it.

Last week after a really really bad digestive ‘episode’ I decided to dip my toes into carnivore life.  I decided to take out everything except meat, seafood, eggs, cheese, sour cream, cream cheese, butter, some spices, pickles and mayo (no one will ever take my pickles or mayo)  😉  and then when / if I decide to add stuff back in I’m going to do it one thing at a time so I can figure out exactly what is causing me the most digestive distress because it’s bad, y’all.

Today is Day 9 and I’ve eaten lots of what’s pictured here: cheese bun burger (again…this Czechsan is never ever giving up pickles), ham and cheese omelet, sausage mcmuffin no bun plus butter, and lots of meat straight out of the pan. It hasn’t been too bad. This is something I’ve thought about doing for a long time but just finally had enough of the pain and wanted to see if I could feel better without some stuff I was forcing (vegetables) and all the nut based fake sugar treats that I was increasingly eating more and more of.

During this past week I’ve lost 5 pounds over the course of the week (not in one big woosh) and I haven’t had any scale rebounds.

Right now a bunch of bro heads have taken over the whole carnivore thang but there’s a large group of people who have been eating this way (only they’re even more strict…just meat and water) for a long time. I first stumbled across them when I originally did low carb back in 2008. I wasn’t interested in it back then and kind of thought they were crazy but after the past week I’m thinking maybe they were onto to something.

Do I think I can do this forever? I don’t know but I definitely want to give it a good 30 day try.   🙂

This has had me so emotionally messed up for weeks.  My first degree is is Early Childhood and I’ve always been a huge child advocate.  I can’t believe I live in a country that would lock littles in cages…and that a large number of people think that’s perfectly fine.  🙁   It’s so disgusting that I’ve almost run out of tears (and words).

If I make it to Heaven one day I hope so very much that there is a viewing area where we get to watch these horrible horrible pieces of shit…and those who voted them into power…burning in hell. I hope that so so very much.  I’ll plop myself down with a bottle or 10 of wine and enjoy the show.  😉  Thoroughly.

Participate if you can. If you can’t and want to do something to help…donate.

From the website:

This is a DEFINING moment. One that will shape our generation. We cannot be silent. We need bold, strategic and targeted action.  …  Your donation will support direct action training, legal assistance, and a bail fund for the women prepared to put their bodies on the line to defend immigrant families and children on June 28.  These children and families are counting on us. We cannot allow these atrocities to go unchallenged. The time to ACT is NOW.

Alrighty that’s all for today.  I’ll keep y’all updated on how the carni life is going mostly on insta but here too now that I’m feeling more chatty.  🙂

Y’all have a great week and I’ll see you soon.  🙂

Happy New Year’s Eve

Hey, y’all.


The blog is back up and running. They got it transferred on the 18th but it’s taken until now for them to get it fixed where I could access my admin section to actually blog.

Hope y’all had a fantastic Christmas and holiday season.  🙂

(all baked goods made with gfjules flour except for the kolaches which were real for the rest of the fam)

All the usuals. Peppermint cookies. Cherry white chocolate chip cookies.  Prune kolaches. Tamales, enchilada casserole, cheese rice and beans.

Do y’all’s Moms give y’all retro toys from you childhood for Christmas? Mama B does. I love love loved Holly Hobbie when I was little.  🙂


Now for the best news…y’all know I’ve been going thru so much hell the last 3 months with all the antibiotics but starting Tuesday…

KETO is back and I can’t wait.  🙂

You can’t even imagine how rough the last 3 months have been on me mentally and physically.  I hope that I will never have to go off of it again. 🙂

Hello, old friend. It’s been way too long. 😉

Ok that’s all for today.  Y’all stay warm and have a safe New Year’s Eve / Happy New Year’s Day (eat your black eyed peas) and I’ll see you soon. 🙂





Christmas Time In…Texas?

Hey, y’all. 🙂

Hope you’re safe and warm in your corner of the world.

Things are still a little rough here.

This month I’m on Cipro for the mastoid bone infection.

Last month was straight up hell.

The meds are just destroying my digestive system.

In better news…

Tree’s been up for weeks. If you’ve followed me for a while you know I’ve been searching for my forever tree for the last few years. This is it. 🙂 I love it so much.

It snowed in South Texas last night. So pretty…but this summer girl says thanks for visiting…you can return to wherever you came from now. 😉

Because of the stomach issues there’s just no way for me to do keto or even low carb right now. Combined with the steroid shots I was up 20 pounds the last time we met. Now I’m only up between 8 and 10 depending on the scale (or I guess time of day). I don’t weigh at home but at all these different Dr. appointments I’m holding right there between 8 and 10.

I’m ok with that for now. Considering in my past when I’d lost as much weight as I’ve lost over the last 15 months…the first taste of sugar and I went off the deep end gaining it all back plus some. This time I went up some and then got it going right back down in the right direction.

Before / current comparison. (Yes…wearing Santa leggings as pants…because they are pants.) 😉 Same dressing room. I shop very little at Penny’s but I like to run in there every now and then to take a current pic in the same dressing room as the before. It really helps me when I see how much less of the door is covered by my body. 🙂

Ok That’s all for today. Hopefully I’m going to start doing some Christmas baking next week. I’ll share here or on insta whenever I get started with that. Until then y’all stay safe and warm and I’ll see you soon. 🙂


scratch & grain cheesecake brownies

Hey, y’all.

I’ve been having a really rough time with all the health stuff. 🙁

Last time we met I told y’all about the bone infection and the 6 months of antibiotics I’ll be taking. They are brutal, y’all. I’m taking 3500mg a day. My stomach and digestive system in general is a complete mess. I can’t keep anything really solid down at all.

Guided injection into my sacroiliac joint. My doctors have been trying to get me seen for several issues while I still have insurance. So in the middle of all of this bone stuff I’ve also been seeing a joint and pain specialist for some ongoing joint issues. They promised me that two guided steroid injections wouldn’t cause the same weight gain issues as ingested steroids.

Yeah, no. 🙁

In the 6 days between injection one and injection two I gained TWENTY pounds. From my face to just below my abdomen I puffed up like a water balloon. Of course a good chunk of that is fluid (that’s already coming off pretty easily) but still it’s so frustrating given how hard I’d been working for the last year.

And then the hits just keep coming. Tuesday of this week I went in for the first follow-up for the bone infection and he gave me some additional bad news. During the diagnosis phase for figuring out the bone stuff they ran so many tests and I had multiple scans and an MRI. Well all of the tests results were finally back in and one of scans found a lesion on my frontal cortex. The ENT thinks it’s probably lupus related (and a former rheumatologist did think I probably had some mild CNS lupus once before).  They’re in the process of getting me back in to see the neurologist and I’m just hopeful that they will be able to see me before the end of the year when I’ll lose my insurance.

I’m so scared, y’all. 🙁


If you follow me on insta …and I’m sorry for the lack of posting there too…you know the brightest spot in the last couple months was birthday week trip to my most favorite place. 🙂

Take me back…please. 🙂

Now…the chocolate.

Have y’all seen this? scratch & grain gluten free baking kit.

All ingredients color coded for easy follow instructions.

Y’all this is the best boxed treat I’ve had since having to go gluten-free in 2013. The only place I’ve ever seen them is Target. I don’t know what kind of voodoo they’ve got going on with the flour in the brownie mix but it is perfect. Perfect fudgy texture.

Also…if you go to Target looking for it be careful. scratch & grain has other mixes and not all of them are gluten free.

Now…that brings me to this. Keto and lchf are completely out the window for the foreseeable future. I can’t do it. I tried going back on keto this week and I thought I was going to die. And I’m not being overly dramatic here. What these antibiotics are doing to my stomach…I just can’t fight thru it without some starch to buffer them. If you can do it. Great for you. You’re much stronger than me. But guess what? There’s no prize for that. 😉

My goal now is to get the real steroid gain off and then just maintain my losses from keto. If I can do that I’ll consider it a win.

In the meantime I will enjoy indulging in some gluten-free treats and I’ll share when they’re worthy…like these brownies. 🙂

Today would have been my pappy’s birthday. It was super bittersweet this year. He loved him some ‘stros baseball. I’ve written about this before but for the last 2 years of his life I saw him every single day. Each day when there was a day game we’d sit and watch it. Today was the parade. Papa B and I both cried for him a little more than usual. I also had some crack coke.  An Icee…he always used to call it my crack coke. 🙂

Allrighty…that’s all for today. Y’all have a good weekend and I’ll see you soon-ish. 🙂






Mastoid Bone Infection

Hey, y’all.

It’s been a while again.

Just wanted to write a little bit today about what’s been going on.

I’m going through some very serious health stuff.  🙁  Last time I wrote about how I was seeing multiple dr’s and getting a bunch of tests run.

It turns out I have a very serious bone infection.

The mastoid bone.

I’m on a ridiculously high dose of antibiotics to treat it for SIX MONTHS and they are just rough. Rough, rough, rough on the stomach / digestive system.

I’m still eating sugar free / low carb but not strictly keto right now. I’ve raised my daily carb count to 50g / day and am allowing some potatoes to try to buffer the stomach a little bit.

I’m so very glad we got this figured out now since I probably won’t have health care soon.

PSA for the day…

If y’all ever have persistent ear pain with no visible inner ear symptoms please press your doctor to investigate deeper. This has been going on for me for several years. My inner ear always looked fine when doctors would look. I would always been massaging around my ear and you could feel the inflammation (but NOT a huge red spot which would have been an instant clue). Anyway with my SED Rate being sky high all the time all of my doctors thought it was just lupus related temporal joint inflammation. (Which it turns out I actually do have too.)

But the main problem is that I have a chronic mastoid infection not acute. The only way to have seen this would have been with a ct scan or mri. (Which is how this was finally diagnosed.)

So please, if you ever experience anything like this (or especially if your kids do since ear infections are so common with the littles) please press for more testing and maybe it won’t have a chance to get so deeply embedded / infected.

From the very bottom of my heart, thank you so much, President Obama for getting me the health care that allowed this to finally be diagnosed. The testing was long and costly. Without the pre-existing condition coverage mandate that allowed me to get excellent health care this would still be undiagnosed. Thank you, thank you, thank you…and thank you again.  🙂

And to the @sshole who followed you (and those of you who put him there) and are now condemning plenty of us to certain deaths…you are an even worse disgusting piece of garbage than we ever thought you were.

And guess what, y’all…you know what’s gonna happen now? Every single time people need heath care they’re going straight to the ER. Y’all know who’s gonna pay for that? You. You will pay for it in the form of higher priced everything related to health care.  Y’all go ahead and enjoy that.

Always and forever. 🙂

Ok that’s all for today. Sorry no food pics or recipes today but I do have a few in the works…just need to tweak and don’t have the energy right now.

Y’all have a good weekend. 🙂