scratch & grain cheesecake brownies

Hey, y’all.

I’ve been having a really rough time with all the health stuff. 🙁

Last time we met I told y’all about the bone infection and the 6 months of antibiotics I’ll be taking. They are brutal, y’all. I’m taking 3500mg a day. My stomach and digestive system in general is a complete mess. I can’t keep anything really solid down at all.

Guided injection into my sacroiliac joint. My doctors have been trying to get me seen for several issues while I still have insurance. So in the middle of all of this bone stuff I’ve also been seeing a joint and pain specialist for some ongoing joint issues. They promised me that two guided steroid injections wouldn’t cause the same weight gain issues as ingested steroids.

Yeah, no. 🙁

In the 6 days between injection one and injection two I gained TWENTY pounds. From my face to just below my abdomen I puffed up like a water balloon. Of course a good chunk of that is fluid (that’s already coming off pretty easily) but still it’s so frustrating given how hard I’d been working for the last year.

And then the hits just keep coming. Tuesday of this week I went in for the first follow-up for the bone infection and he gave me some additional bad news. During the diagnosis phase for figuring out the bone stuff they ran so many tests and I had multiple scans and an MRI. Well all of the tests results were finally back in and one of scans found a lesion on my frontal cortex. The ENT thinks it’s probably lupus related (and a former rheumatologist did think I probably had some mild CNS lupus once before).  They’re in the process of getting me back in to see the neurologist and I’m just hopeful that they will be able to see me before the end of the year when I’ll lose my insurance.

I’m so scared, y’all. 🙁


If you follow me on insta …and I’m sorry for the lack of posting there too…you know the brightest spot in the last couple months was birthday week trip to my most favorite place. 🙂

Take me back…please. 🙂

Now…the chocolate.

Have y’all seen this? scratch & grain gluten free baking kit.

All ingredients color coded for easy follow instructions.

Y’all this is the best boxed treat I’ve had since having to go gluten-free in 2013. The only place I’ve ever seen them is Target. I don’t know what kind of voodoo they’ve got going on with the flour in the brownie mix but it is perfect. Perfect fudgy texture.

Also…if you go to Target looking for it be careful. scratch & grain has other mixes and not all of them are gluten free.

Now…that brings me to this. Keto and lchf are completely out the window for the foreseeable future. I can’t do it. I tried going back on keto this week and I thought I was going to die. And I’m not being overly dramatic here. What these antibiotics are doing to my stomach…I just can’t fight thru it without some starch to buffer them. If you can do it. Great for you. You’re much stronger than me. But guess what? There’s no prize for that. 😉

My goal now is to get the real steroid gain off and then just maintain my losses from keto. If I can do that I’ll consider it a win.

In the meantime I will enjoy indulging in some gluten-free treats and I’ll share when they’re worthy…like these brownies. 🙂

Today would have been my pappy’s birthday. It was super bittersweet this year. He loved him some ‘stros baseball. I’ve written about this before but for the last 2 years of his life I saw him every single day. Each day when there was a day game we’d sit and watch it. Today was the parade. Papa B and I both cried for him a little more than usual. I also had some crack coke.  An Icee…he always used to call it my crack coke. 🙂

Allrighty…that’s all for today. Y’all have a good weekend and I’ll see you soon-ish. 🙂






So Frustrated

Hey, y’all.

I really have no words for how frustrated I am with all this health stuff.

The new rheumatologist was a nightmare.  I went in with 13 years worth of lab work / history.  I mean I didn’t take in 1000’s of pages or anything but I had a very well compiled stack of labs that show the progress of my Lupus from the beginning.  Before she would even address the stuff I went in for (the bruising and a headache issue) she wanted to run baseline stuff that’s been well established for 13 YEARS.  It was crazy.  I mean really lady, I’m clearly bleeding and you’re worried about baseline stuff?

I haven’t written about the headache here yet but she was equally dismissive about it and instead told me to see an neurologist.  The one good thing she did do was actually have her staff set up that appointment and he was able to see me the very next day.

Good thing too because it turns out I have some small peripheral blood clots around the temple area of my head.  It’s scary…I mean obviously any clotting is scary…but it’s not the ‘get to the ER right this second’ kinda scary.

I had my PT / INR done and it has now spiked to a dangerous level and will now have to see specialist number 3 this week…a cardiologist…on Friday to try to figure out what is going on.

A little bit of potential good news…if you can call it that…is that I think I might have an idea of what the bruising is.  One of the best people I’ve ever known in my life 🙂 is a nurse at a major hospital and she showed my bruise pics to a vascular surgeon at her hospital and he told her it looks and sounds like something called Bateman’s Purpura.  Vessel inflammation and damage from blood thinners which is also triggered by steroids.  I’ve been on blood thinners for 14 years and on and off high dose steroids all year long.  There’s nothing you can do about it.  You just have to wait it out til it heals.  I’m currently weaning off steroids so hopefully that will help some but there’s nothing I can do about the blood thinner.  Gotta take it.

So anyway…that’s where things stand now.

Some food  pics…

Chowder / Cheddar Bays / Crawfish.  Yum.

Gruyere / Parm / Potato Gratin.  Was just playing around with this one and tested it out on a single potato.  Will definitely work on this again and share when I get it where I want it.  It was good but needs…something.

Gotta take Papa B to the Dr tomorrow.  Then Friday is my appointment with the cardiologist.

Hopefully next time we meet I’ll have some better news.  🙂

Getting Back in the Groove

I’m back.  Two times in three days.  Maybe this whole getting back to blogging thing is gonna stick this time. 🙂

I changed the theme of the blog.  Y’all like?  It’s simpler and should load more easily. I want to make a custom header but will have to research that.

Saw the hematologist yesterday.  She didn’t find any answers for my bruising so now it’s up to the rhuematologist next week.  I feel like I’m going crazy with all the waiting and wondering.  The hematologist did say that I’m severely iron deficient…but not anemic.  Apparently there’s a difference.  She wants me to start iron infusions asap.

Today I did something else I haven’t done much of lately…cooking.

Pork meatballs + some fun shaped pasta + alfredo + garlic toast.  I got the meatballs at the grocery store…in the fresh meat section and they were just ok.  Not great and I won’t get them again. But the rest of the meal was pretty good. Not a bad way to jump back into more cooking.  I also made Mama B some gluten – free cheddar bay biscuits since she hasn’t been feeling well and loves those things so much.   While it turned out that I am not celiac…Mama B is…at the very least…gluten intolerant.  When I started reintroducing regular wheat foods to the house she got sick.  When she removed the wheat it went away.  So I will still always do certain gluten – free staples around here.  🙂

I’ll leave ya with a silly thought for the day…Hope y’all had a good one.  🙂