Are y’all enjoying the cold?

It’s way cooler here than it usually is.  And as much as I enjoy this standard ‘outfit’ of leggings / Uggs and long tunics…

2015-01-08 16.04.08


winter, I’m gonna need to you to be packing up and moving on along pretty soonI think you might have gotten a little lost but this is South East Texas.  It’s time for you to go.  😉

I’m seriously trying to figure out how I can sue my town for allowing people to burn some horrid toxic wood this year.  We didn’t really have that cold of a winter last year so I don’t know if these people are burning old wood that sat out in the elements all year or what but It.Is.Awful.

The only real cooking project I did this week was to make some ghee.

2015-01-05 14.44.44

Butter melting.

2015-01-05 14.47.23

Cooked til all the solids separated.  Love love love the smell at this stage.

2015-01-05 14.52.48


2015-01-05 14.54.24

Yum.   Liquid Gold.  🙂

Let’s see…what else…

Those of you who know me might wanna sit down for these next pics 😉

2015-01-05 21.03.59

This pic makes it look like all of that stuff is sitting on the counter.  It’s in a glass bowl.

2015-01-07 20.32.27

Taco salad.  With some special ingredients I’ll write about later this week.

2015-01-07 20.41.43

That’s right, y’all.  Instead of drinking my greens.  I’ve been eating them.  🙂  This is double good because it means that some of my celiac digestive problems have healed.   🙂  I couldn’t have eaten this a year and a half ago without being sick for days.  Now?  I had this for lunch twice this week.  So happy.

For the last couple months I’ve been experimenting with Paleo style eating.

As part of my healing from within / holistic healing approach I’ve now jumped all the way in.

No grains, no sugar, no soy.  But I am allowing dairy starting tomorrow.  I did ten hard core ‘clean’ days but I have no intention of ever giving up cheese so I think it’s best to just incorporate it now for the start.  I think I’m gonna call it Paleo with Dairy or pwd.  🙂  I know.  There’s already a plan name for that but I like mine better. 😉

Anyway…so far so good.  🙂

I’m also trying out some new supplements but I wont write about those til I’ve taken them for at least a month.

That’s all for now.

Stay safe and warm.  🙂