Happy New Year

Hope the hangovers have subsided and 2015 is off to a roaring start for y’all.  🙂

Before sharing my 2015 goals I thought I’d look back at last year.

Looking back over the year…it was good in some ways and absolutely horrible in others.

I spent so much of the year (around 28 weeks total) sick…but at the same time we ‘cured’ Mama B of her year long cough.   I’m very grateful for that.  She’s still rocking right along with her low acid / no sugar lifestyle.  🙂

I don’t do resolutions.  If I want to do something I just do it instead of waiting for a date on the calendar.  But last year I did have a few goals.

One of them was to stop coloring my hair.  The dye was making me sicker and sicker each time.  I probably had a PPD allergy all along and just didn’t even know what that was.

Dec 20, 2013 was the last time anything bad touched my hair.  🙂

For those of you who don’t know me in real life…Mama B’s side of the fam suffers from premature graying.  Her dad was completely white haired in his 20’s.  I started graying in my early 20’s and started dying it immediately.  Every 4 weeks like clockwork.  For over 20 years.

Needless to say I really didn’t know how saying goodbye to the dye and hello to the gray was going to go.

Was I going to cry?  Was I going to start drinking coffee at the crack of dawn and watching Walton’s reruns?    Ya know…like a little old lady.  😉

Thankfully no.  None of that happened.  I completely embraced the process…even practically shaving it all off to just go ahead and get all the non-gray growth gone.

And it’s been one the best things I’ve done for my health in a long long time.

It was also so very completely empowering.  Saying “nope…sorry…media / advertisers / superficial people’ you aren’t going to tell me how I need to look…it’s seriously empowering.

I’ve been telling y’all for a while that I was going to do a before and after post.  I promise I will.  I just don’t have the amount of growth I thought I would have by now so I’m still saying no to pictures.  I think the short hair makes my face look humongous.  I did allow ONE single pic at Christmas for Mama B.  After cropping everyone else out it’s not very big at all but I’m gonna stick it here just for those of you who’ve been wondering how it’s going.

FullSizeRender_7 (3)

It’s a cool mix of gunmetal gray…white and some buried natural brown that hasn’t turned yet.

I seriously love it.

Maybe by Easter the sides with have some good growth and I can do the full before / after post.


For 2015 I have some goals planned too.

One I’ll share because I’m sure I’ll write about it a lot as the year goes on.

I’m going to work on a more holistic approach to treating my Lupus.

I first started having symptoms in 1998.  I was finally diagnosed in 2002.  From 1998 – today I have really only totaled about TWO years of feeling well.  Not a consecutive two years.  Just days and weeks added up.  I’ve been on various medication the ENTIRE time but yet feeling worse and worse.  🙁

So I figure giving something else a try can’t hurt and very well may help.

I’ll keep taking my blood thinner but am going to try weaning myself off of everything else (safely of course).

I’m also going to eliminate the last small bits of soy remaining in my diet.  So that means a lot of experimentation in creating a homemade mayo recipe.  Because if ya know me…ya know life without mayo isn’t an option.  😉

I’ll share more as things happen but that’s about it for now.

Hit me with your best shot, 2015.  I’m ridiculously determined to make you a million times better than previous years.  🙂

Happy New Year and thanks for stopping by.  🙂