Happy New Year’s Eve

Hey, y’all.


The blog is back up and running. They got it transferred on the 18th but it’s taken until now for them to get it fixed where I could access my admin section to actually blog.

Hope y’all had a fantastic Christmas and holiday season.  🙂

(all baked goods made with gfjules flour except for the kolaches which were real for the rest of the fam)

All the usuals. Peppermint cookies. Cherry white chocolate chip cookies.  Prune kolaches. Tamales, enchilada casserole, cheese rice and beans.

Do y’all’s Moms give y’all retro toys from you childhood for Christmas? Mama B does. I love love loved Holly Hobbie when I was little.  🙂


Now for the best news…y’all know I’ve been going thru so much hell the last 3 months with all the antibiotics but starting Tuesday…

KETO is back and I can’t wait.  🙂

You can’t even imagine how rough the last 3 months have been on me mentally and physically.  I hope that I will never have to go off of it again. 🙂

Hello, old friend. It’s been way too long. 😉

Ok that’s all for today.  Y’all stay warm and have a safe New Year’s Eve / Happy New Year’s Day (eat your black eyed peas) and I’ll see you soon. 🙂





Happy Easter

Happy Easter, y’all. 🙂

My pretty Easter orchids. Thanks, you. 🙂

So tomorrow is my first vein surgery procedure. I have two this week. Kinda a little scared but it has to be done before the human garbage take away our insurance.

I don’t know how I’ll feel for a while after it’s done so last night I made up a bunch of safe eats to keep in the freezer.

Also don’t know if I’ll have much to blog about for a couple weeks or so. So it might be longer than usual before I update.  I just won’t know til after the procedures.

I’ll still be keeping in touch on Instagram though if you’re interested.  JATGAHB


I took the day off for Easter. Ate that whole box of creme eggs. Not one bit sorry. 🙂

Made this cherry rum cake like I made for Christmas because it’s the fam’s new fav and was requested as our Easter treat. Thank you so much, gfjules for making flour the whole fam eats like it’s completely normal.  🙂

So we did brisket, beans, potato salad for our Easter meal.

Y’all I cooked that brisket in the pressure cooker and it was unreal.

It was a super fatty 5 pound cut.

I put 1 cup of beef broth in the bottom of pressure cooker. Added the well seasoned and rested (about 12 hours) brisket plus a chopped onion.

Pressured on high for 110 minutes.

Let depressure naturally and then let rest overnight in the cooking pot / juices.

Sliced and reheated. Everybody loved this.

My plate plus a big ol Sonic root beer. 🙂

Totally felt like this…for a few hours. Then all the sugar / carb pains kicked in and I’m 100% ready to get right back on plan. Today the day off was worth it. We’ll see how it feels tomorrow though. 😉

That’s all for today. Hope y’all are having a great Easter weekend and I’ll see you soon-ish. 🙂








Lesson Learned + Cherry Christmas Cake

Hey, y’all. 🙂

Did you have an awesome Christmas / holiday?

Things were kinda blah here.

First, the week leading up to Christmas I had to take Mama B to the ER late one night. It was all kinds of drama that led to us having to leave before she could be seen because the ER Dr at our Podunk hospital wasn’t covered under her insurance. If you know me in real life and live in our town…don’t go to the local hospital unless you’re like 110% sure you’re dying. Drive to SL or V and see some decent nurses / doctors.  There was this one nurse there that must be the sister of Satan (and that’s being nice). And believe me…she’s already been reported.  So anyway thankfully the urgent care at her regular Dr’s office was open super early the next morning. She got seen 1st thing and her temp was 104. The Dr. said if she’d waited any longer it would have been really bad.

So she was sick and then Sister B got sick and wasn’t able to come home. We ended up meeting her for lunch on Christmas Monday but she’s still not feeling all that great.  Feel better soon, SB.  🙂

We still celebrated Christmas.  It just wasn’t the same as if everyone had been healthy.

Made the real kolaches and pigs for the rest of the fam.

Used the roll dough I wrote about in this post to make me some celiac / paleo safe pigs and prune kolaches. These actually turned out really well. And they held up in the icebox too. I’m so impressed with this recipe.

Usual Christmas Tex-Mex meal. (Tamales / Enchiladas / cheese rice / beans).

So are y’all starting to practice y’all’s Russian. 😉

About that cherry rum cake.


I made my regular rum cake recipe using gf Jules of course (you can use any rum cake recipe) and for all of the water (just the water) in the cake and drizzling sauce I subbed cherry juice from a jar of maraschino cherries.  I drained the cherries really well and pulsed them in the food processor then dried them even more on paper towels and added them to the mix. I left everything else the same.  Mama B said this was the best cake I’ve ever made. 🙂


My fav Christmas presents (so far)…a Rubik’s cube and a Salt Life sign / decoration for the back fence (it needs to be dropped down a little bit).  We’re starting to decorate the back fence with old vintage and cute signs.  When Rubik’s cubes were first a thing I got one for Christmas and played with it for hours on end. They had all those retro toys out for Christmas this year and it was one of them.  My other fav won’t come until sometime next week.  I’ll share when it gets here.  🙂


A progress pic. Left pic was Christmas 2004 (in the middle of a 4 year lupus flare) and right pic was the day after Christmas this year. White bar across chest = no bra. Also…while my stomach is in no way flat that is not a bulge it’s the way the white shirt bunched up.

So…about the title of this post.  I took 4 days off plan for the holidays and while it was worth it in some ways it was horrible in others. In about 48 hours my pain level went from around a 4 to a 24.  My face bloated up.  I was itching like crazy.  It was awful. I had planned to stay off plan thru Monday (because we were meeting SB for lunch that day and it was a road trip) but I went right back on plan after Christmas day lunch.  It took a good full 3 days for my pain level to get back to somewhat manageable.

Lesson learned.  I just cannot jump on and off from no sugar / grains (even with celiac safe ones).  I have to find ways to make this livable.  And that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to figure out ways to make things I like so maybe I won’t miss them as much.  I did it when I had to go gluten – free.  I’ll do it with this too.  And of course I’ll share along the way. 🙂

Had to go out for lunch on Tuesday.  Saltgrass.  Caesar and Prime Rib. Forgot to take a pic of the steak but I cleaned the plate so you know it was delish.  This was a perfect back on plan meal. 🙂

Normally I wouldn’t post something with that many curse words in two sentences but I saw this and it is just so fitting right now.

Ok. That’s all for now. Y’all have a great / safe New Year’s Eve / Day weekend and I’ll see you soon.  🙂







Key Lime Pie

Hey, y’all. 🙂

Hope y’all are well.

I’m finally feeling better. Finally finished all the antib’s for the staph infection. Those things were rough on the stomach.

So this week I made…

…a pizza. Using gfJules of course. I used my recipe and her flour (but her pizza mix is really good too). Ps. it didn’t shrink up…I just didn’t make enough dough to fit that size pan.


I’m totally sick of the Colin Kaepernick flag / anthem junk but I’m feeling better so let’s pause for a little rant shall we…

Some people are so focused on the symbolism of a piece of colored fabric that they’re (purposely of course) ignoring the very real issues inspiring the protest. People are DYING right here. Right here in this great country…not in war…RIGHT HERE.

Just because this is the greatest place in the world doesn’t mean we can’t be BETTER. We don’t get to rest on greatness when MILLIONS of people in this country are being disenfranchised (and worse) every.single.second of the day. MILLIONS…African Americans…Hispanics…Muslims…the LGBT community…women…it goes on and on and on. We’re supposed to be better than this. But as usual instead of bothering to listen to the very real problems they change the topic and start whining about a piece of fabric or screaming about the military.

Are some people seriously so cognitively challenged that their brain can’t entertain two separate topics at the same time? You know…it IS possible to be angry about cop murderers while still supporting the GOOD cops. It IS possible to support those who join the military while still abhorring war. You CAN love this great country and still want us to DO BETTER.

For the record…I put my hand over my heart every time I hear the national anthem even in my home when there is no one around. But if you have a reason for not doing that yourself…then I totally support that too. Because THAT is what this country is SUPPOSED to be about. Not forced assembly or sing – song time. Oh and Ps number 2: The flag belongs to ALL of us. Not just the military.

Oh one more thing then I’ll move on…ya know what I find a kazillion times more offensive than someone choosing not to stand / sing? All the people wearing flag do rags and tube tops. A sight which can be seen every single week at white trash conventions all over the country…aka Nascar races. Funny how it’s totally cool for them to disrespect the flag by putting it on their bodies while chugging / spilling who knows what all over it.  But whatevs. Garbage in garbage out, y’all.

Weight loss tip for the long weekend. 😉

Speaking of…do y’all have big plans?

Here’s another recipe perfect for squeezing out these last few weeks of summer.

1 cup flour (regular or gluten free…I used gfJules). 1/2 cup sugar. 6 tbsp soft butter. 1 egg yolk. 1 tsp vanilla. Beat for about 2 minutes. Double or triple as needed.

Baked about 8 minutes in the convection oven.

Key lime pie filling.

Layered like banana pudding in individual bowls. I forgot to get a pic of the Whipped Cream and garnish on top.

So have y’all seen this Margaritaville Key Lime Pie filling? It doesn’t claim to be gluten – free but the only questionable ingredient is modified food starch…which they don’t specify the origin of…but no one in the Texas Girl household reacted to it so I think it’s  just corn.

Anyway…when I was growing up I lived on the Texas Gulf Coast and one of our family fav restaurants was a little shack right on the water and right across from the Naval Base. They had the BEST key lime pie. I still dream of that pie. This was the closest taste to it I’ve ever had. I don’t know if you’ve seen a lot of KLP recipes but almost all of them use Sweetened Condensed Milk. Which if you know me you know I’ve been known to drink out of shot glasses. 😉 So I love that taste…but not in Key Lime Pie.  I’ve always known without a doubt that the KLP that haunts my dreams didn’t have it in it. After tasting this I’m even more convinced. Another thing they used was a butter cookie shell. I was going to do that…thus the cookie recipe above…but I didn’t end up with enough cookies to make a pie shell so I decided to do individual servings layered like banana pudding. They were perfect.

Anyway…this was really good and our Walmart is clearancing the pie mix right now.  If you like KLP I highly recommend giving this one a try. They also have a coconut pie mix. I picked it up too and will maybe try it this weekend.

Y’all have a great / safe long weekend and I’ll see you soon. 🙂



Pink Lemonade Cake

Hey, y’all.

Hope things are great in your world. 🙂

I have been so sick here in my little corner of the world. I don’t know if y’all noticed or not but prior to mid July I was doing a lot better. I went back on Plaquenil in Sept ’15 and if you’re not familiar with that medication it takes a while to build up / start working. Spring of this year it definitely started to kick in and I was feeling better all the time. I started a business and was a lot more active than I’d been in a while.

The business is starting to take up more of it’s allotted space in the house so right after I blogged the last time I started working on clearing out some more space. I was on the floor cleaning and didn’t see a baseboard nail that was sticking up. I ran my cleaning hand over it and shredded my index finger.  It bled for 9 HOURS straight (because my INR had spiked)  AND I got a staph infection.

If you’ve never had a staph infection…yeah don’t get one.  It is horrible.  Had to get a tetanus shot too. The antibiotic was making me sicker than the staph. I ended up with a reaction to the meds and that led to more meds which I’m currently on.

So yeah…it’s been one big party over here.

I guess it could be worse…;)

I did manage to cook a couple things in the middle of all that.

2016-08-11 21.11.42

Banana muffins.

Started watching this new Netflix show The Get Down. It’s set in 1978 and is the story of a bunch of kids in the South Bronx. It’s pretty good and definitely has the potential to keep me interested.

So perfect for this election season.

So this has turned out to be the summer of cakes around here. I was thinking about it and it seems like all I baked all summer was various cakes.

This was another keeper and is perfect for squeezing out these last few weeks of summer.

Once again I took gfJules perfect vanilla cake recipe and tweaked the liquids.

I used her recipe and subbed butter for the oil plus 1/4 cup of milk and 1/4 cup of frozen pink lemonade concentrate for the 1/2 cup of milk. I added some red food coloring to get the more vibrant pink color.

For the icing I just did a basic icing recipe and added a couple tbsp of the pink lemonade concentrate.

This was delish and I’m definitely making it again next summer. 🙂

Ok that’s all for today. Hope y’all have a great week and I’ll see you soon. 🙂