Just Checking In

Hey, y’all.  How’s your week before Christmas going so far?

Did y’all do Wreaths Across America for your loved ones?  We (my immediate fam) did it for Pappy.  You just get the wreath.  Papa B added the flag and I added the Poppies.  It’s such a nice program and I’m glad we did it this year. We’ll definitely keep doing it in the years to come.

Tried these gluten – free donuts.  Wish I would not have tried them.  They were awful…and that’s being kind.

Tried these gluten – free fish sticks.  They’re a keeper.  The only thing I wish Ian’s did differently was use a finer ground corn meal.  They use a coarse ground and it’s a little hard on the mouth feel.  But I’ll still buy more.

Y’all know I’m a hard core Gucci girl but what in the world is this supposed to be?  Gucci, I think y’all need to conduct a surprise drug test for your designers.

In my ongoing health saga…this is what my chest currently looks like. 🙁  Apparently I’m having a reaction to some of my new meds but they don’t know which one.  SO I have to stop them then reintroduce them one at a time once this hive situation clears up.

Got this new gfJules flour and plan to put it to use on some holiday baking starting today.  I want to take a second to say how amazing their customer service is. They had some shipping issues with my order and Jules’ husband went out of his way to make it right.  I think he’s like the CEO of the company or something like that and he personally got the problem fixed.  I know I said I wasn’t going to turn this into a recipe blog and that’s still my plan but I will definitely share pics of what I make and let y’all know how I like it.  I’m not giving up on Cup4Cup at all just wanted to try something different…with hopefully a little different texture.

That’s all for today.  Hopefully I’ll be back in a few days with some Christmas treats.  🙂




Recap and Randoms

Hey, y’all.  Hope you survived the holiday weekend.  🙂

Since I had to rejigger my ingredients I spent a good part of Wed mixing up all the gluten – free dry ingredients I could ahead of time…

Cooked a turkey breast in my pressure cooker and let me tell y’all what I did…see that blob that looks like ketchup? It’s not.  It’s homemade apple butter.  I mixed up some salt / pepper / onion powder and a little dry chicken broth base plus a couple of tablespoons apple butter and a tablespoon mustard.  I slathered it all over the top / bottom of the breast.

Wrapped it up tight and into the ice box for about 24 hours.

Pressure cooked on high for 25 minutes and then let the pressure release naturally instead of forcing it to release.  The flavor was amazing.  I decided to try that combo because I always slather mustard / seasoning mix all over / inside and then stuff my big bird with onions and apple slices.  I wanted to try to recreate that flavor with the breast.  Mission accomplished. 🙂

This is what I used to cake mix for…apple cake.  It wasn’t all that great so I didn’t get an after shot.

I made gluten – free green bean cass and left the fried onions off a small portion for me.  Mama B took our family dressing recipe and made me a gluten – free version that was so ridiculously good.

The meal turned out really well esp for having to change plans.  Everything was gluten – free except the pie crust (which I didn’t eat) and Mama B made gluten – full dressing for everyone else.

The next day I whipped up some of my most favorite gluten – free whipped butter cookies.  They’re good but I have to get some fresh cup4cup. I ordered some today so hopefully it’s here in a few days.  The whole time I was eating wheat this year they had cup4cup in our local grocery store.  Now that I have to eat it?  Of course they’re not carrying it anymore and it’s back to ordering it.

49* in the middle of the day (Sat).  I pulled out the UGG boots. 🙂  I don’t care if you think UGG boots are silly. 🙂  I ordered another pair on cyber Monday.  Oh y’all know y’all did it too…used the deals to shop for yourselves. 😉  I ended up getting pretty much all of my shopping done and got some pretty good deals…but can’t really talk about them here since most of the recipients read here.

Look at that bottom pic.  That’s bubbling with a gluten – free pancake.  You might understand then why I had such high hopes for these. They turned out to be the most vile tasting thing I’ve had in ages.  I couldn’t get the taste out of my mouth for several hours.  I picked them up at HEB because they had a store coupon and because Kirby Lane is one of Sister B’s fav restaurants.  Big mistake.  It might be a fabulous gluten – full place but gluten – free?  Yuck.

Got the tree up and decorated.  Love it so much.  🙂  Decided to do all red and white this year. I’m looking for a different skirt but not having any luck.



  • Media, I’m gonna need y’all to start labeling these horrible people exactly what they are…Christian terrorists.  Just like their Muslim counterparts they don’t speak for every or even the majority of Christians everywhere but it’s time to start identifying them as exactly what they are.


  • I’ve been to Planned Parenthood two different times in my life.  Guess what?  Just because some people are too stubborn and / or intellectually challenged to actually research and decipher the statistics for themselves it doesn’t change that fact that far more people use PP for well women, well pregnancy and well baby care than they do for abortions.  So while you’re advocating violence in the name of life just remember your violence could very well end up killing a LIVING breathing baby doing nothing more than getting his / her well baby checkup.  So much pro life, y’allSaid with all the sarcasm and disgust in the world.


  • Remember this post? I was very passionate about not supporting organizations (specifically the Salvation Army) that support domestic abusers. A reader contacted me and told me that the Salvation Army also actively supports anti-gay organizations.  I truly did not know that.  Some of y’all know that my favorite day of the year is when I (and Mama B) go shopping for the Angel tree kids and elderly each Christmas.  At first I was a little bit torn because the trees are primarily for disadvantaged children who most likely have no idea what religious hate even is.  But I like to practice what I rant about so I decided to no longer support the Salvation Army in any way.  Instead I went around to several churches in my own little town and found a way to do basically the same thing.  I’ll still be helping children and their families but without also being in any way associated with the Salvation Army.  If you’re someone who feels the same way…call around to the churches, the chamber of commerce or you local newspaper office in your own towns. Even if they don’t have an organized angel type program they all know someone in their church and / or community who can use a little help.  🙂  Somebody reading this will no doubt contact me and say “but texas girl…churches hate gay people too”.  Uhmm no.  Every single church around doesn’t spew hate.


  • It’s time for me to switch over to Christmas music here on the blog but I really need somebody to tell me what Chris Janson is saying about a Yeti something in his song Buy Me A Boat.  I mean my idea of roughing it is a 3 star hotel instead of 5  😉 so I don’t really have a need for a cooler.  The only way I even knew Yeti = some sort of cooler is because I see people buying them / putting ice and beer in them in the Bucees parking lot when I’m getting my ‘medication’…aka crack coke…aka coke icees.  😉 But still…I must know what he’s saying.


  • Can y’all believe that removing gluten was all it took to stop those awful blood spots?  I haven’t had one new spot since I stopped the gluten and most of the ones I already had…cleared up within days.  My arms haven’t been this clear for this long since mid July.


  • There are a few more hours left of giving Tuesday.  Did you give?  If you’re looking for a good cause I know they’re all good but this is where I donated today…The Lotus Project.



Ok that’s enough for today.  I have a Dr’s appointment Wed and then one more in a couple of weeks.  After that hopefully I can be done with Dr’s and tests until mid January when I’m going to see some big deal scleroderma specialist at the medical center.  🙂

Y’all have a good week. 🙂


Just A Little Reminder

I’ll be back in day or so with my usual hodgepodge-y mess but I wanted to take a second today and remind everyone…

If you have someone in your life who served in the military and you know or suspect they suffer from PTSD…please reach out to them this week and make sure they’re doing ok.  All the Paris stuff has the potential to be extremely triggering for those who served…esp in Iraq / Afghanistan.  Someone special to me was wounded in Afghanistan and it’s been a rough week for him.  So y’all be a good friend / family member and check on your sons / daughters / bros and boos.  🙂

See y’all soon.  🙂



Best Laid Plans

Hey, y’all.  🙂

First…thank you to those of you who reached out re: the randoms from the last few posts.  I’ll definitely keep doing them. 🙂  Also…if you email me a bunch of rage filled nonsense because you don’t agree with me…I seriously just roll my eyes and delete.  Don’t waste your time.  My space…my thoughts. 🙂

So I don’t know if y’all know this but a fractured tailbone hurts like hell.  I’m sure you’re thinking no shi kidding, texas girl 😉 but I really didn’t think it would be this bad.  I haven’t really done much…well anywhere…but esp in the kitchen so I don’t have a lot to share.

Let’s see…

I’ve become ‘addicted’ to chicken and beef pot pies.  Some day when (if) I ever get some energy I’m going to try making homemade pot pies in a pan made specifically for it that I got a couple years ago but have never used.

I’d always heard about Freddy’s but there used to only be 2 in the Houston area…both located in parts of town I don’t visit.  Now there’s one in a part of town I do visit a lot so I finally tried it out.  Let’s just say I wasn’t impressed…with the food.  The custard on the other hand…I can’t wait to have again.  There was just nothing hype worthy about the burger.  And their pickle game?  A very strong F.   Give me a Whataburger any day and twice on Sunday.  The custard though was outstanding.  It’s a good thing it’s located in a horror of a traffic stop so it’s not super easy to just whip in for a custard shake every single time I drive by.  😉

If you skimp on icing I can’t respect youSorry. 😉  Sorry x 2, Sister B. 🙁  I made extra just for you.

In the texas girl casa we fight over the scrap stacks. 😉

As you can see a few pics above I made the cake in 9 x 13 pan only to have issues with physically getting to that size cake holder…thank you fractured tailbone…so I had to cut it in half and use a round cake holder.

At the time of this post that’s as far as I’ve gottenI’ll add a clean layer tomorrow after it’s rested / ‘soaked’ in some overnight.

So it’s birthday weekend and I had a fun trip planned but health and weather issues have ruined it.  🙁  So I made a cake. Red Velvet as always.  It looks kinda sad and ridiculous right now but it tastes good…or it will based on the scraps.  Here’s the post I wrote a few years ago as an homage to the grandparents anniversary / shared birthday / red velvet thing.  Muchos love to them this weekend. 🙂  And happy birthday to a certain someone else in my life whose b day is also this weekend.  🙂

Mostly because of the weather but also tailbone we’re staying in and then doing the whole b day meal out thing in a few weeks when things are better.

Hope y’all have a good weekend.  See ya soon.  🙂

Hodgepodge and Anniversary Wishes

First..Happy 46th Wedding Anniversary to Mama and Papa B.  🙂

They’re the best.  This is a link to the original anniversary post I made back on the old blog.  Mama B won’t allow pics so I’ll just share that original post today and say…all that still stands.  🙂  Love y’all so much.

Thanks for still to this day being the very best role models two girls could ever have.  🙂

Because of the holiday weekend and all the health stuff that was going on this past week…we’re not doing the celebration til next weekend.  And I’m still undecided on whether or not I’m cooking or we’re eating out.  Fingers crossed for a better week so I can get into the kitchen.  🙂

Hodgepodge Randoms:

  • Didn’t end up having to go to the cardiologist.  Still in limbo.
  • Don’t like this font at all and can’t figure out how to change it.  Love the color scheme of the blog.  Love the simplicity of it too.  But I hate this font.
  • Teachers responsible for teaching 12 – 20 year olds…they really don’t seem to understand the proper use of the word ‘ironic’.  Can y’all work on that?  😉
  • Drivers…when you see a cop on the road (not pulled over to the side or anything) and you’re driving the SPEED LIMIT…why do you slow down?  Seriously…it’s annoying.
  • Have y’all hit up any of the ‘End of Summer’ sales?  Me and Zulily are in a serious fling this weekend. 😉

Took a little trip to a place Papa B likes to call God’s Country (College Station) and got these $10 maroon M&M’s.  There was this shirt I liked on clearance but the clearance price was $30.

Me: I’m not spending $30 on a clearance item.

Mama B:  Oh but you’ll buy a $10 8oz bag of candy?

Uhmm yeah.  Hello.  Priorities.  😉

Made an end of summer batch of my Mema’s beloved shrimp pasta salad.

It’s labor day weekend.  America and all that.  I know America wanted me to have these cherry donuts. 😉

Happy Labor Day weekend.  Hope y’all are enjoying it and having a safe one.   See ya soon.  🙂