My New Toy

Hey, y’all.  🙂

I hope y’all made it thru the super cold stuff this weekend.  It got down in the 20’s here.  Right at the same time the cold blew in my blood got dangerously thin from my blood thinner.  I thought I was gonna die from the cold. (I’m exaggerating about the dying part…but I seriously have never been so cold in my life.)

Today it was almost 80. I was in heaven (and my blood is almost back in range) 🙂

Took this pic this evening around 5pm.  Almost full moon shining bright while the sun was still out.

So when we last met I was waiting on a Christmas gift to show up.

Isn’t she beautiful? My first Vitamix. Red of course. 🙂  Thanks, family.  🙂

Since I’m making my own cashew milk and stuff now I wanted something a little more powerful than the bullet. Bullet served me well for a few years but I outgrew her.

I chose the S30 because of the size.  I wanted something that wouldn’t take up too much space on the counter or in the appliance drawer…and would also be light for lifting in and out of the drawer. I debated between the S30 and 55 but decided the extra money wasn’t worth it for what I’d be using it for.  Plus I wanted red and the 55 doesn’t come in red.  Easy decision then.  🙂

First I made some cashew milk and cashew sour cream (and ghee the same day).  It was restocking the fridge day.

Then I used Vita (I call her VEETA…ya know…because I like to play like I’m British and they call vitamins VEETuhmens) anyway…I used her to turn some cashews, cashew milk, red pepper, nutritional yeast, chicken broth base, spices into…

Cashew QUESO, y’all. 🙂  ‘Cheese’ without cheese.

This stuff is every. thing.

I’m going to add some jalapeno’s to the next batch to get it a little more Texan-y.

I used this dude’s recipe but he’s vegan (I think) and he doesn’t use chicken broth base in his.  I think it adds a great depth of flavor to the recipe and obvs I’m not vegan so I’ll keep on using it. He also uses both almonds and cashews. I did not and will not. This was awesome sauce and I’m not messing with more ingredients than necessary for my taste buds.  The fam gave this thumbs up too and they pretty much don’t like anything I eat these days.

About those ‘chips’ I’m dippin’ up the queso with.

Siete almond flour and cassava coconut tortillas.

Texas made by a Texas fam so of course they’re excellent.  🙂

The cassava coconut version is a little bit grainy because of the cassava but they’re so close to real tortillas. They make the best chips. The almond flour version makes good chips too but they’re thicker.  They have less carbs so I do use them when I don’t have the numbers for the cassava. Neither mess with my blood sugar at all.

To make the chips I take one tortilla, spread ghee on both sides, plop on a piece of parchment and into the micro for up to a minute on each side. Then I break it up into pieces. Easy and perfect portion control.  They also sell actual chips now (only in Whole Foods til mid-march) but the carb count on them is way too much for me right now.


Annual family New year’s day meal. Almond flour coated pork chop, black eyed peas, cashew cream / follow your heart cheese-y green bean cass, mashed potatoes with cashew cream gravy. (This was just my meal. Everyone else had the regular version of all of that.) With this meal I learned that I don’t need to try to recreate everything to mimic the original version. I would have been perfectly happy with a non crusted pork chop.  It was way too much work and mess for one person’s food.  Isn’t that plate pretty? It’s from the motherland…Czechoslovakia. 🙂

I sobbed watching the President’s final address tonight. It’s so sad to know this amazing man, his beautiful wife and just overall classy family is being replaced with such deplorable human garbage. You can’t say it, Hill so we’ll say it for you.  🙂

Speaking of…I’ll be proudly rocking this beaut on inauguration day.  You can get yours here.

No shame, y’all.


If you look the other way and stay silent in the face of hate and all the horrible-ness that’s fixin’ to be fully unleashed in about 10 days…you’re just as bad as they are.


A quick before current:

This is one of my favorite shirts.  I tried it on today.  I’m sitting in the car for both top pics.  In the left pic (sometime in 2016) the shirt is stretched to the limit. You can see how it’s pulling across the chest. My whole body wouldn’t  fit in the frame.  On the right I have about 5 inches of material gathered in the back (just for the pic I didn’t walk around town like that).  I have on shorts they just perfectly match the blue in the top.

That’s the best I can do today.  I really don’t run around taking endless pics of myself and I haven’t been out much at all since the last time I posted pics.  I’ll definitely keep posting comparisons when I have them though.

Ok that’s all for today.  Stay safe and warm and I’ll see y’all soon.  🙂







Get Involved

Thank y’all so much for the support for the last post. Welcome to the new subscribers too. 🙂 I used to worry about putting too much of my activism side out here but no more. This is me. If you like it Thank You. 🙂 If you don’t…don’t let the door hit ya. 🙂 This blog has never been about money or likes. It’s simply my place to share and inspire. Whether that’s in the form of recipes or getting people to get involved that’s what this space is about.

Someone reached out and asked what they could do right NOW to help. How to get involved.

The protests and petitions are a great way to get out some of the anger but at some point you have to put all of that anger into meaningful action. Side thought re: the protests. Protest away but get out of the middle of the roads. You’re hurting everybody with traffic backups. If you want to ‘hurt’ the people who put us it this mess…don’t buy tires from Ohio…don’t buy cheese or beer from WI…don’t by cars from MI…don’t support small businesses. That’s something they’ll (eventually) feel. Blocking traffic in Miami is silly and hurting the wrong people (Miami Dade overwhelmingly voted blue).

Ok back to getting involved…

People think that the immediate lead up to election season is when the action happens…and it does but some of the most important work happens in the quiet time in the year(s) leading up to it.

Now is the time to make your plan for how to get involved.

Join your state democratic party. Volunteer. Get in the trenches. The midterms are 2 years away but like I said the ground game will start next year. Get on the roll with your official state organization. Commit to helping in whatever way you can. Volunteer to make calls…to go door to door…if your state allows it and you have a van or suv volunteer to drive voters without transportation to the polls. All of this takes planning, training and coordination which starts way ahead of actual election season. If you’re shy and can’t actually do the face to face stuff volunteer to input data or work in a city / county campaign office. And if you don’t want to get that ‘hands on’ involved…just make an ongoing financial contribution. It doesn’t have to be big at all. Every little bit helps. But let me tell you…getting down in the trenches is so infinitely more rewarding to the soul than just entering your payment info on a web form. 🙂

Also join specific state centric groups:

My favorite group in Texas is Battleground Texas. BT is making crazy gains in Texas. Some food for thought from the website:

Texas is the future.

Texas had record-breaking Democratic turnout in 2016. Battleground Texas is a statewide organization with national implications.

With 38 electoral votes, Texas is the last big state that still votes Republican. Once Republicans lose Texas, they lose their path to the White House.

This is so so important y’all. Once we can flip Texas (and Arizona)…ESPECIALLY given the fact that we are doing the flipping with YOUNGER voters…the game is changed for years and years to come.

The horrible hate based voter block this year pretty much tapped out their base (and didn’t even win the popular vote with their numbers).

The numbers ARE on our side. We just have to get them inspired, motivated and involved.

BT has been a movement years in the making here. Early predictions didn’t see Texas getting into the single digits until 2024. We’re 8 years ahead of schedule.

Get involved and let’s flip this thing completely and for good. 🙂

Those of you already living in hard – core blue states…definitely continue your ground efforts in your states but think about making some of your financial donations to Texas and Arizona. Because the sooner our states flip the better for you too.

Other things we can do…

If you live in places with large immigrant communities where workers, students and women / mothers are reporting acts of racist violence…find organizations that are set up to help them and volunteer in whatever way you feel most safe / comfortable yourself. Please though do this thru an organization. Don’t just go try to help on your own. The hate filled racist garbage attacking them will turn their rage onto you without second thought. That’s just what they are. So help but do it safely and in numbers. 🙂

Donate to planned parenthood. You can donate money or time (at some locations). Volunteer to help walk / protect patients from the vile human garbage protesters. They’ll scream at you and even throw stuff at you but it’s so worth it. Just holler back at them that you’ll pray for them. They love that. 😉 you know since they think they own the market on prayer.

Donate to legal justice groups that help the disenfranchised (people of color / the LGBT community / women’s groups / etc). There are too many organizations to try to list. Pick the one that’s closest to your heart and help. Again with your time or money.

Just find your cause(s) and dig in. That’s the only way this works. You have to commit and do your part.

We can’t win this on twitter or Facebook (leave all that nonsense to all our crazy racist aunts). You have to get out and do something. Anything. It can be scary at first but you will find your place and it is so unbelievably worth it.

Speaking of the collective crazy racist ‘Aunt Bertha’. It’s time to start shaming her. No more of this ‘oh Aunt B doesn’t know any better…she’s from a different time’ bullsh–. It’s 2016. If crazy Aunt B is 90…maybe give her a little pass. Anybody under the age of 90 knows better. They choose to be mean / hateful / horrible / garbage. Let’s take the smoking shame game and apply it to the racism (really to any of the -ist and -ic behaviors). It’s WAY past time.

I hope y’all will get involved. I promise it will fill your soul in ways you never imagined. 🙂

Y’all have a great weekend. 🙂

Post Election Blues

So fair warning…today I’m going to use this space to express myself.  My pain and anger.  Some of you might wanna check back in on another day.

First and foremost on a personal note:

I feel so privileged to have done my part for this campaign. I’ve volunteered for so many campaigns in my life but this one was special. Personal. Hillary you are…to quote Tina Turner…simply the (very) best. You have spent your entire life trying to make things better for ALL women and children. From the first time I heard you speak in person in a tiny South Texas elementary school library you were (and will always be) one of the greatest female inspirations of my life.  I am so proud of you…always…but especially today. From the bottom of this Texas girl’s heart…Thank you. 🙂

Now onto the rantin’.


Dig in they say. Keep fighting they say. Words that are being echoed by compassionate / strong women everywhere today.

Uhmm no thanks. Not today.


Congratulations, hate filled white, racist, misogynist human garbage voters.  Your new president elect pandered to your lowest common denominator status and y’all snorted it up like crack…or coke…whichever one you snort.

Bless your cold ugly little hearts when you realize you were played…as the only people who benefit from new economic policies are your bosses and their bosses and their bosses.  You know the republican way…the rich get richer and all that jazz.

So yeah, you let your little racist, misogynistic, hate filled hearts speak loud and clear last nigh. Good luck with that when you can’t afford the rent or to put food on the table.

Unlike you I’m a compassionate woman and my bleeding heart will even feel sorry for the likes of you / and especially your children…but if I’m completely honest a teeny tiny little part of me will take great pleasure knowing the impending financial hit will hit you the hardest.

YOU who masked your racist, misogynistic hate filled vote behind the guise of economic hardship.

I’ll say a little prayer for you tonight. Heaven knows you’re gonna need it.

Young voters: You’re on the rant list today too. You showed so much promise in the primaries. Rallying behind Bernie in numbers we hadn’t seen since Clinton in the early 90’s. You spoke loud and clear last night too. You had a little tittie baby fit and withheld your votes in protest. Good luck to you too when you can’t find a job after graduation.

More than any other group…mothers of daughters…fathers of daughters…granparents of girls: if you voted for this horrible piece of human garbage you are worse than he is. He owes nothing to your daughters yet. You do. You too sent a loud and clear message to your daughters / granddaughters that they don’t matter. You told them loud and clear that your hate filled racist, misogynistic, financial reasons are more important. More important than them being represented by someone who respects them as human beings.  Of course most of you don’t even respect them as human beings yourselves so I’m not sure why I’d expect you to hold anyone else to higher standards. But I digress.

I feel so sorry for the young daughters of our country today.

Strong women, damn y’all we’ve got our work cut out for us.

Rant and cry today and then let’s do what we always do…pull it together and get back to work. 🙂

On one tiny good note:

Texas…we got it within single digits. We’re getting closer and closer to flipping this state (way sooner than expected) and it. is. going. to. be. glorious. Some of us have been working on this for so long and make no mistake y’all…it’s coming. 🙂

Y’all have a good week and I’ll see you soon in a better mood. 🙂