Merry Christmas

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So this year I decided to change up the décor a bit.  When we remodeled last year I had one wall painted this gorgeous deep blue color and the Christmas tree is right in line of sight with that wall.  Seeing all the normal green décor close to that wall drove me crazy last year.

Enter this equally gorgeous red tree with red and white lights and aqua / teal / white ornaments.  Love it.  I wish it’s redness would show thru a little better in pics but no matter what I do I can’t get a great pic.  Except the black and white.  Those look great.

I like it a lot but next year I might try moving the tree to a different spot in the room and going back to the more traditional colors.  I just can’t look at the green close to the blue wall.  It hurts my eyes.

Anyway I spent tonight making this…

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2014-12-21 15.23.08

2014-12-21 15.32.53

2014-12-22 15.10.34

and this…

2014-12-23 22.32.08

and this…

2014-12-23 22.32.28

First up…Paula Dean’s candied (red and white) cherry / white chocolate chip cookies.  You’re a ridiculous mess, Paula D but this recipe will forever be a keeper in this house for Christmas.

Next…mini pecan pies.  Usually no matter how sick or how bad I’m feeling…at Christmas I always make homemade kolaches in honor of my Mema.  They are a lot of work and I’m just too sick today so they will have to wait for another day (soon).  But for now…Mema you are represented with these pies.  🙂

And finally…y’all know it and love it…my year round staple…a rum cake.

Tomorrow we will have our traditional Tex-Mex / tamale Christmas meal.  Pics later.

Hope y’all have the best and safe day (s) with those you love and adore.  🙂

Merry Christmas from my house to yours.  🙂

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