Learning to Embrace the New


Before I started this whole Paleo (with dairy) thing I knew it would be a rough transition.

I mean switching from running on sugar to…running on things I’ve hardly ever eaten in my life…is a change.

I downloaded / printed a bunch of positive affirmations…pulled out the scrapbooking tools…and made a pile of magnetized quotes and affirmations to stick on the icebox.

Wisdom from the likes of good ol’ Socrates (above) and Pat Benatar (song from last post).

2014-12-30 21.56.13

I know.  Scrapbooking with actual paper is like so 2003.  😉  Don’t care.  🙂

Anyway the point of this is to say that in honor of focusing on the new while still feeding the tastebuds of the old…today I made my first spaghetti squash.  🙂

2015-01-14 12.45.48 2015-01-14 12.49.54

2015-01-14 12.55.08 2015-01-14 12.56.35

2015-01-14 14.45.42 2015-01-14 14.45.47

Can y’all even believe I made something like that?  Muchless ate it?

And then when having Italian what’s a Paleo (with dairy) girl to do to feed the need for the flavor of cheesy garlic bread?

Well this girl whipped up some cheesy / garlic-y artichokes.

2015-01-14 13.36.49 2015-01-14 14.05.12

‘chokes.  Melted ghee.

2015-01-14 14.07.55  2015-01-14 14.45.55

Mozzarella / dollops of ghee.    Baked at 350* for about 20 minutes.

2015-01-14 14.50.32

I have to say…this was actually really good.  After topping with sauce the squash tasted like nothing.  But the star for me was the cheesy ‘chokes.  Next time I will just eat the sauce on top of that.  Keen eyes might notice that my usual ranch is missing from atop the sauce.  I can’t eat bottled anymore because of the soy and other junk so I’m gonna have to make my own each time and just didn’t have time to do that for this meal.  Next time, ranch.  Next time.  🙂

Turns out ol’ Soc-y was right.  We shouldn’t waste time mourning what we can’t have.  We should use that energy to figure out how to live with what we CAN have.  🙂

I’ve now made it 14 days and tomorrow is my first shopping trip out of town since starting this…so first time eating out too.  Wish me luck.  🙂

Hope y’all are all safe and warm.   🙂