Getting Back in the Groove

I’m back.  Two times in three days.  Maybe this whole getting back to blogging thing is gonna stick this time. 🙂

I changed the theme of the blog.  Y’all like?  It’s simpler and should load more easily. I want to make a custom header but will have to research that.

Saw the hematologist yesterday.  She didn’t find any answers for my bruising so now it’s up to the rhuematologist next week.  I feel like I’m going crazy with all the waiting and wondering.  The hematologist did say that I’m severely iron deficient…but not anemic.  Apparently there’s a difference.  She wants me to start iron infusions asap.

Today I did something else I haven’t done much of lately…cooking.

Pork meatballs + some fun shaped pasta + alfredo + garlic toast.  I got the meatballs at the grocery store…in the fresh meat section and they were just ok.  Not great and I won’t get them again. But the rest of the meal was pretty good. Not a bad way to jump back into more cooking.  I also made Mama B some gluten – free cheddar bay biscuits since she hasn’t been feeling well and loves those things so much.   While it turned out that I am not celiac…Mama B is…at the very least…gluten intolerant.  When I started reintroducing regular wheat foods to the house she got sick.  When she removed the wheat it went away.  So I will still always do certain gluten – free staples around here.  🙂

I’ll leave ya with a silly thought for the day…Hope y’all had a good one.  🙂





2 thoughts on “Getting Back in the Groove

  1. Jennifer, I’ve been sick for about a month now and browsing thru my bookmarks, I started reading your blog. This comment relates to a later post when you show the bruises on your arms and side. Thought I’d share my experience with something similar. When Audrey was about 11/2–2 years old, she stopped walking and started crawling around and saying that her legs hurt. First she had a rash on the inside of her legs around her knees. She was running a high fever so I thought maybe it was a heat rash. I took her to the pediatrician and saw a PA because the doctor was not available, and the lady told me she had scabies! I asked how–she doesn’t go to daycare or school where she would have contact with that and I got a big lecture on how I wasn’t too good for scabies!

    Anyway, she sent us home and told be to bathe her in something, maybe Aveeno oatmeal bath, maybe something she prescribed and said to call if she got worse. The next morning she had about 5 bruises on her legs very similar to what you pictured. So I took her back over there and they admitted her to the hospital and started all these tests and bandying about words like high white cell count and leukemia and worse. After lots of “hitting the books” by the doc to try to diagnosis the problem, I told him I wanted to take her to a specialist –he sent us to a children’s kidney specialist in the Houston Medical Center and she diagnosed her immediately with “Heinlein-Schoenlock-Purpura” and said that whatever infection had caused the rash and fever was attacked her body’s defenses and when that was beaten the infection it continued to fight itself and was causing the bruises. Don’t really remember what if any meds were given, but she assured me that it would eventually stop. And it did! But boy was that a scary ordeal. Hope you find a cause and solution soon.

    • justatexasgirlandherblog

      Thank you so much, Barbara…for reading and for sharing that. 🙂 I’ll definitely mention it to the next doctor. I just feel like it has to be some type of Purpura. The weirdest part of it is that it doesn’t hurt like a bruise. It hurts a little when they first pop up but then it’s like they’re just there. Ugly and gross looking but just there.

      Serious uhg too for that PA lecturing you for questioning her about the scabies. I can’t even imagine how frustrating the hunt for answers with something like this must have been for you when dealing with a little one.

      Thanks again and hope you’re feeling better. 🙂

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